A new look for Verified by Visa

Here’s something pretty cool that our Digital team have recently rolled out - 

Verified by Visa is a security feature that online vendors can opt in to, which helps protect them and their customers from fraud. In saying that, the way it has worked for customers to date hasn’t been a great experience because:

  1. it’s an extra step that you have to go through before making a purchase online,
  2. many people were confused about the look of the site,
  3. it meant you had to remember a password.

Our Digital team were able to make some really great changes to the appearance and functionality of the pop-up. Not only does it look better, but now you no longer have to remember a password.

Keen to hear your thoughts on this- do you think the improvement will make it a better experience for online shoppers?

What it looked like before (on the left) and now (on the right)


I think this is a great change from the previous - a lot easier to remember your access number rather than an extra password!

Good job.

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This looks much better than the old one, one thing I did overlook was that I saw it wanted a 3 digit number and instantly thought of the credit card 3 digit security number rather than actually reading what it wanted, then I read it and realised what it really wanted.

Maybe the image should include a full customer number in the circle then underline the last 3 digits to make it obvious.

Quite often I will enter the information I expect online forms to want rather than the information that they ask for.

Awesome feature!. I have recently had $280 go missing from my Debit Visa (under investigation) and so this feature will help.