A makeover for TotalMoney

If you are a TotalMoney customer, you will have probably seen a change to internet banking recently.  We’ve been busy building out features on our new Internet Banking platform and it is time for a TotalMoney makeover. 

We’ve talked to heaps of our TotalMoney customers to understand what information they look for most, what they’re missing and what they find confusing. This feedback has been worked into the first cut of the designs for TotalMoney in new Internet Banking which we tested in live customer sessions. These sessions give us great insights that allow us to check we’re on the right track and provide us with an important feedback loop.

So here’s what we did, and what you will see in new Internet Banking in early December.

Viewing home loan details

First off, our main goal is to make things easy in new Internet Banking. Giving you the ability to view all of the most important TotalMoney information in a very quick and simple way. Gone is the need to navigate your way through a menu structure, now simply click on your TotalMoney home loan and it will all be there.

Customers told us the most important things were to see the loan balance, amount of money offsetting their loan, the amount they are actually paying interest on and loan details like interest rate, repayment frequency and amount.

You will also see that when you make a payment to or from one of your accounts that are offsetting your home loan, the offset amount and amount you are paying interest on update straight away.


TotalMoney Group Details

To get more details about your TotalMoney set up, you can expand the summary section within the account view to see how much interest you have saved and all the accounts and loans in your group. You can see this summary by clicking on any of your TotalMoney accounts as well.

Faster opening of extra TotalMoney accounts

It‘s much easier to open up additional TotalMoney accounts (at no extra cost!) to give you more flexibility to break your money up as you need or want to, you can even personalise them with nicknames and images.

This is just the start and we have a pile of other ideas that we will be working on in the next few months to give you better tools to manage your home loan. We also aim to have an update in our mobile apps in early 2016 that will provide these same features.

We want your TotalMoney experience in new Internet Banking to be great and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas to make it even easier to get your TotalMoney working as hard as it can for you.


Shoulder tap/FYI for the First Lookers who were kind enough to feed back on the prototype designs - here’s a look at what’s coming in December. As @Milan said, this is just the start! @nextdoor, @dawnmbis, @TraceyAK, @Kleary, @crh079, @Bensmith12, @KLK, @mcdonovan


looking really good so far - can’t wait to try it ‘live’ :slight_smile:

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Like what you have done so far @Yvonne and @Milan, thanks !

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Really like the changes great information that is easy to access.

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Just had another thought about what information I would like to see. A current maturity and a documented maturity date, then take it one step further and calculate how many months and interest you are saving. The ability to make extra payments would be fantastic too.


Thanks for these ideas @KLK, this is exactly the path we’re looking to go down for another home loan piece of work we’re just starting.  We’ll post more details on Community as we make further progress.


Is there a way how to get a new interface for a TotalMoney? I still have to switch old Internet Banking to reach TotalMoney.


@Kerenskii, if you are now in new Internet Banking you will have the new TotalMoney view when looking at your TotalMoney accounts or loans. Select the “View TotalMoney summary” option in the account view to expand the details.

We are still working on the updates for the mobile apps, they should be available in March.

Hope this helps,


Hi Milan,

I’m in new Internet Banking, but I do not have any TotalMoney related options (checked a sec ago). In old Internet Banking I have the whole “Your TotalMoney Group Summary” section.


Hi @Kerenskii, If you click on any of your TotalMoney account tiles in the home screen the account view will come up that lists your transactions, as per the image above. Here you will see the “Your TotalMoney Group Summary” link.

If this is not showing for you then we will need to look into it, could you please send me a private message with your Access ID? You can do this by click on my name and select “Send private message”.


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Thanks Milan!

I’m in the same boat, no Total Money Group Info- might be an idea to delay switching off the old view until you get all your ducks in a line with the new one BNZ

Hi @Old_Salt,

If you click on one of your TotalMoney account tiles you should see an option to “View TotalMoney Summary”. If you are having issues or if the link is not there, please send me a private message with your contact details, and we can get this sorted for you.


No, there is no option to view TotalMoney on any account that I can view- I dare say this is the same for any customer with this in place, rather than sort this out on a case by case basis, your app clearly needs a rewite. The big switch over should be put on hold until issues like this are resolved, or the old format kept live so we can toggle between the two until your progs can get it sorted

Hi @Old_Salt,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues viewing your TotalMoney summary. I have no idea why you can’t see the information on you TotalMoney accounts or loans, not something we have come across.

As @Eric mentioned could you please send through a private message with your Access ID, I’d love to look into this further to see what is happening with your set-up. You can also send through feedback in new Internet Banking via the Menu, please mention my name so it gets to me and I will respond.


Update- Now if I click on an account in our Total Money Group, I have a link to a summary of the Accounts in that group, BUT  no link/tile for the Total Money Term Loan

It would be great if the graphs were a little more customisable and user-friendly.
At the moment they just seem kind of basic (and thus, kind of redundant) in comparison to everything else within Total Money.

Postfinance is a great example:  https://www.postfinance.ch/en/priv/prod/eserv/cockpit/detail.html

Hi all, just a quick update. Your TotalMoney summary has been included in the mobile apps! Just click on any of your TotalMoney accounts or TotalMoney loans to find it. Updates are now available in the app stores, enjoy!