2014 Review from BNZ Social HQ

It’s Friday afternoon and a lot of you are finishing up work and heading off into the sunshine and away for holidays.

In a departure from our usual very practical blogs, we’ve decided to do a bit of a wrap of this year from the BNZ social media team’s perspective.

You will know us as ^AC, ^CG, ^CH  or ^YB  or as we affectionately refer to ourselves, ‘the talking logo’ but in a shocking twist, we are also real live people who love our work helping you out or sometimes just chatting.

We read everything that comes our way and respond to most things. We also share your feedback with the rest of the bank and while it may not be obvious all the time, we do listen and make improvements based on what you’re telling us. Some of the things you see in YouMoney or in the mobile app are a direct result of social feedback.   

Over the last year you’ve thrown us some curly questions, humbled us with both positive and negative feedback, and made us literally #LOL. Some of y’all are super funny. Keep it up, we love it.

We’ve spent a little bit of time this week doing #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday-worthy reflections, reminiscing about and appreciating some of our favourite people and moments  from the last 12 months – the Tweeters who talked to us the most, some noteworthy moments, and a few of the Tweets that made us crack a smile. This blog post is like our version of a ‘Say Thanks’ Facebook video, only not on Facebook. And not a video. The sentiment still stands, though.

Top Tweeters

Like the best social hang outs, we have our regulars. This is a quick shout out to the amazing people that make up our Top 10 Tweeters who’ve sent us the most messages in 2014.

@jetvapour, @felicitykate, @Delphijunkie, @amloveday, @samjarman, @danbakes, @caboose014, @pinkdeedle, @jinnee79, @NatGTJohnson.

You’re all superstars, and we value your input and feedback – good and bad. Thanks for talking to us, with us, and about us.

2014 Highlights

As well as supporting you on social, we also use it to talk shop and let you know what BNZ is up to. Some highlights for us from this year include:

#SeeSnapSave – We asked you what you were saving for, lots of you told us, and we gave some of you a bit of a helping hand to hit your savings goals because, #YOLO. We did it twice, and it was twice as nice.
Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.04.50.png  Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.18.34.png

#ShortandTweet – In a New Zealand first, we created a very, very short story award as part of the BNZ Literary Awards.  We were blown away by your creativity. Our judges picked @Ashlynkate_ as the winner and she was flown down to Wellington to collect her prize at the BNZ Literary Awards. We also had 5 Commended tweets from @CateOwen, @KendallForbes @KnightClub @MikeKilpatrick and @MXDEJ.
Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.13.48.png   Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.19.04.png

#BNZCommunity Launch – We built an online community and social hub for New Zealanders who want to be good with money. It’s a place to ask questions, get answers, and share knowledge about being good with money and banking with BNZ. It’s a first in New Zealand’s financial services industry. If you haven’t checked it out already, jump in for a look: community.bnz.co.nz (ps. It’s where this blog is hosted!).
Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.21.08.png

Some of Our Favourite Moments

Ally’s got our back #ForLife
Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.26.04.png

Turkish Delight
Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.27.13.png

This escalated quickly…

Sentient machines > human contact
Screenshot 2014-12-08 13.03.20.png

Screenshot 2014-12-08 13.41.55.png

AP’s ‘n’ shhh…
Screenshot 2014-12-08 14.46.42.png

Public service on two levels
Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.13.41.png

Screenshot 2014-12-08 12.08.54.png

So that’s it – a quick wrap for the year. Let us know what your favourite moment from this post is or share one of your own with BNZ on social in the comments before 5pm Monday 22nd December 2014 and go in the draw to win one of five picnic sets.


We will be around to help you out over the Christmas break but will be taking a couple of small breaks ourselves on the stats. For all the info you need about banking over the break, check out this post from earlier this week. Stay safe out there and have an amazing end-of-year break. You deserve it.

^AC, ^CG, ^CH and ^YB

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Merry Christmas to you all. I was stoked Mike Kilpatrick got a mention. He’s a top bloke! 

The #shortandtweet winner’s tweet still gives me shivers, it is so, simply, beautiful. 

I must admit I really enjoy the pens too. It’s the small things that make the difference!

 That time you posted me chocolate was a highlight, too.