These are some basic guidelines that we ask everyone follows in order to ensure this is a positive, informative and enjoyable place to be. Please read the following points and familiarise yourself with the BNZ Community Terms of Use, and keep it in mind when interacting with others in this space.

Keep It Positive
Posts should be a positive contribution to BNZ Community. Our community is open and encourages healthy debate and a diverse range of viewpoints. To this end, you must not post anything, or send anything via the private messaging feature, that is offensive, abusive, obscene or threatening. We reserve the right to remove this type of content. Interact with others respectfully and professionally, even in times of heated discussion and debate.

Keep It Relevant
Share relevant, helpful and insightful content or ask questions that will help further your knowledge and the collective knowledge of BNZ Community. Some best practice tips include not posting duplicate messages in different areas of BNZ Community (this results in the conversation becoming fragmented), and starting new threads for new questions (instead of interrupting a thread discussing something else).

Keep It Honest
You are personally responsible for the content of your posts online. Remember, all posts are public. Any person (whether they are a registered BNZ Community user or not) who visits the site will be able to see your posts.

Don’t misrepresent yourself or post misleading or false information, whether about yourself, your products or services, or those of any third party (including BNZ). Information you post should be informed, factually accurate and publicly available. If you wish to express opinions, please state that they are your personal opinions. The more sincere and authentic your content and conversations, the more valuable the community becomes. Please respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you don’t own or it’s not in the public domain, don’t post it. Any content that infringes the IP ownership rights of a third party may be removed.

Keep It Ad Free
While we are very keen to encourage online networking in BNZ Community, it is not a free advertising or marketing channel. Please don’t post unsolicited marketing or advertising material, or use BNZ Community to attempt to obtain personal or content details about other users.

Protect Your Privacy and Respect the Privacy of Others
Please remember that content posted to BNZ Community is publicly visible. In the interests of protecting your online privacy and security, please don’t post personal information, including your online banking password, card pins or credit card numbers. Please also respect other people’s privacy - do not post personal information about others and do not use BNZ Community to disclose information about a business that is not your business unless that information is publicly available.

In the interests of protecting your safety we will remove, or advise you to remove, any posts containing information which comprises your online security or privacy. Find more information on how to keep yourself safe and secure while banking or using BNZ products here.

See Something, Say Something
If you come across any content or behaviour on BNZ Community that you believe breaches these Guidelines, violates the BNZ Community Terms of Use or makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, it is important that you report it to us. We are serious about protecting BNZ Community and its users, and will actively investigate every instance of inappropriate content reported to us.

To alert us to breaches or violations of these BNZ Community standards, please use the ‘Flag’ button below the post or message in question.

BNZ Staff
You will notice that some users have a BNZ logo (four stars representing the Southern Cross) next to their BNZ Community username. This means they are a BNZ staff member. BNZ staff are not moderators - like you, they are members of BNZ Community and we encourage them to share their knowledge and opinions on the site. These users participate in the community during their own time to answer your questions about BNZ products. While staff are encouraged to provide opinions, advice in relation to products and services provided through this channel is not personalised to you or other members of the Community. Before personalised advice can be provided, BNZ staff are required to understand your financial situation and needs in greater depth than can be provided through BNZ Community. Please contact us directly if you require personalised financial advice. BNZ Community moderators have a white star on an orange background next to their username, and the Community Manager has a grey star on a blue background.

Moderation Policy
The BNZ Community moderators are here to assist you so this community is the best it can possibly be. Their role includes, but is not limited to, ensuring BNZ Community standards are upheld by enforcing these BNZ Community Guidelines, responding to flagged posts, responding to user suggestions and requests, and identifying customer service issues and responding or escalating as appropriate.

Content that violates the BNZ Community Guidelines or BNZ Community Terms of Use will not be tolerated and as such BNZ Community moderators are empowered to remove posts that include:

• Spam or advertising
• Customer card, pin or log-in details
• Staff contact details outside of those listed on our website
• Abusive, violent or profane language
• Hate speech
• Threats to BNZ staff, customers or other users
• Nuisance or repetitious postings
• Factually incorrect or deliberately misleading information
• The promotion of anything illegal
• Posts from fake users or spam bots

Violation of Guidelines or Terms of Use
Users who are thought to have violated the BNZ Community Guidelines or the BNZ Community Terms of Use, either inadvertently or on purpose, will be contacted by a moderator via private message. Should they be required to, users must immediately comply with moderator instructions.

Failure to Comply
In the rare event that a user fails to comply with moderator instructions or repeatedly violates the BNZ Community Guidelines or BNZ Community Terms of Use, the moderators may decide to revoke the posting privileges of said user, or take further action. Further action may or may not include implementing a probation period whereby all content from the user is moderated before it is published, or temporarily or permanently banning the user from BNZ Community. These decisions will not be made lightly, and upon intervention moderators will always cite the guideline, term or condition that has been violated in their communications with the user.

If you wish to challenge a moderator’s decision, you may choose to appeal to the BNZ Community Manager. Users may do this by requesting the moderator they are dealing with forward the appeal to the BNZ Community Manager or by emailing the BNZ Community Manager directly. Decisions made by the BNZ Community Manager are final.

Please Note:
The views expressed in BNZ Community are those of individual users and do not necessarily represent the views of BNZ, its staff or contributors.

Even if an instance or situation is not explicitly outlined or referred to in the BNZ Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we reserve the right to make changes or take action where necessary and as deemed appropriate by BNZ.